LENTE is a standard (although exceptional) ENT (= Ear, Nose and Throat) clinic for ordinary (but modern) people. Since 2006 we have focused on providing excellent services to tackle a broad range of ENT problems, and are the only clinic in the Czech Republic to use PLASMA technology for surgeries.

Private ENT clinic in Pilsen

LENTE is a private ENT clinic operating in Pilsen and Prague, offering the highest quality care to patients suffering from Ear, Nose and Throat disorders, and patients with sleep disorders such as sleep apnea and snoring. We are able to deal with all problems requiring ENT surgery, though we specialize in snoring treatment and tonsils/adenoids removal. We not only provide conventional treatments but also perform more complex surgeries using advanced technologies and equipment. At our disposal we have modern lasers, Radio-frequency technology and Harmonic scalpel methods. We are also the first facility in the Czech Republic to have used Coblationr for surgeries.

Sleep apnea

Our ENT clinic is a research center examining sleep apnea and snoring. Sleep apnea is often mistaken for simple snoring, whereas apnea actually involves a patient subsequently suffering from headache, high blood pressure and excessive tiredness. In extreme cases sleep apnea may lead to heart attack, stroke or a car accident as a result of a micro-sleep. The actual treatment of sleep apnea is determined by the severity of the problem, the need and well being of the patient being an absolute priority. Options for treatment include CPAP (breathing device), MAD (mouth device), PLASMA, surgery, positional therapy and other available methods.

Solutions to snoring

Our clinic specializes, along with treating sleep apnea, in the treatment of snoring. Snoring is caused by a vibration in a specific area of the air passages. To determine where exactly the free flow of air is being blocked, a patient undertakes a test called sleep endoscopy (DISE). It´s a simple and effective procedure which we use to evaluate where the vibration originates, using a camera during a drug induced five-minute long sleep.

Tonsils and adenoids removal

Tonsils/adenoids removal represents another of our specializations. To remove tonsils/adenoids we used a laser in the past, however this technology has now been replaced by treatment using PLASMA alias Coblation. Unlike a laser PLASMA doesn’t require high temperature thus causes no harm to soft tissue around the tonsils/adenoids. Compared to conventional methods plasma surgery results in comparably less discomfort, pain and post-operational risk.